Facebook App Developer Notes
Meeting Notes from Tuesday March 6th


6:45-7:00pm: Introductions

7:00-7:30pm: Presentation by Calvin, Social Media Director @ DoSomething.org

7:30-8:00pm: Open Discussion + Next Steps / Ideas

Presentation on Facebook Timeline 

I.  Timing of changes

- individual user pages have already begun transitioning

- brand pages transition to timeline on 3/30

II. What are the implications of Timeline?

  • no longer need to login to brand page separately ==> navigate directly to the page and simply use admin tab
  • page admins have the ability to “pin” things to the top of the timeline so they are not constantly pushed further downstream by newer content
  • can no longer force users to “like” you to access your wall ==> no more fangates functionality (still available for apps)
  • user engagement drives the user experience ==> brands no longer control users based on “like” (e.g. JPMC has 3M likes but only 3K engaged users)
  • measuring brand power and reach requires use of new metrics like mentions and shares (similar to Twitter measures like @mentions and RTs)
  • brand social managers can use Facebook Insights (similar to google analytics for O&O web sites)

III. Additional information

The shift to Timeline appears to be part of a drive by Facebook to provide users with a better experience by highlighting brands and people users care about and eliminating the remaining clutter.  Google implemented a similar enhancement (commonly referred to as the Panda update) for their search engine last year to eliminate Internet flotsam, produced by low quality content farms, from user search results.  This is fantastic for users but means that brands / advertisers / marketers will need to work harder to build engagement with users.

One great example of the new timeline is the NY Times brand page.  This page was create by the NYT staff in close coordination with Facebook and provides events, photos, and other highlights going back more than 100 years.  Pretty snazzy!

Open Discussion

The most effective post has 11 words or less.  I call this “the twitter effect”.

Discussed a new startup called Aereo.  The company takes a broadcast signal and routes it to a player which can reside on any device (e.g. laptop / ipad / etc).  It is predictably the target of a lawsuit by a number of major broadcast companies alleging copyright infringement.  The lawsuit pits broadcasters against Barry Diller and IAC who recently completed a $20.5M series A.  The UI is supposedly fantastic but I have not verified this myself.

Discussed the implications of “social CRM” and briefly mentioned Nimble, a startup operating within that space since 2011.  The company recently released version 2.0 of their software.

AppSavvy was mentioned briefly though I’m not sure what the takeaway was.

Someone mentioned Bohemian Innovation as a decent development partner for mobile apps.

Next Steps

For more information on Facebook Insights, check the product page or the developer docs page.  For additional information on the new Facebook pages design, check the product page.  There is also a great blog post on pages by Kissmetrics.

Items on the to-do list:

  • Planned outreach to local universities including CUNY, NYU-Poly, etc.
  • Creation of a Facebook Groups page for open discussion within our meetup.
  • Connecting with other Facebook app developers and engineers @ FB

Who wants to take ownership of what?